Friday, January 27, 2012

Tweets of the Week: 27 Jan 12

Well, we've done it again. Survived another week of 2012 despite our best efforts. And what better way to reward ourselves than with a huge, sweaty roll of 20-dollar-bills?

Sadly, I got none.

Instead, I give you all....

CM's TWEETS OF THE WEEK* (now in technicolor):

@vscotttheauthor: RT @dcPriya: There is something about 2012 -- something in the air, the wind, the sunshine -- that says "This is the year dreams come true."

@LauraSherman: It's kind of fun to do the impossible. – Walt Disney

@scalzi: If I were going to micro brew, I would make "Mandelbrau" -- the world's first fractal beer.

@jasonpinter: Hipsters are just people who aren't cool enough to be nerds. #nerdlove

@YourMindMyWords: Remember: “Wishes are the dreams people aren’t chasing hard enough”

@JensBookshelf: Are we still anticipating the zombie apocalypse or have we moved in? How about the dolphin apocalypse? They're plotting something.

@EllenHooper1: Change doesn't mean memories are lost, but new ones are to be made

@mommy2harper: There is nothing in the world like hearing my three boys make each other laugh hysterically.

@timpratt: When God closes a door, I hammer a wedge under the bottom real good, because if God doesn't want something to get loose, I mean, damn.

@sheumais: @AbielleRose ... so THAT'S where my package ended up!!

@nataliecparker: "Writers aren't exactly people.... they're a whole bunch of people trying to be one person." - F. Scott Fitzgerald

@NikaStewart: I don’t have a problem with caffeine. I have a problem without caffeine

@quickmissive: The Internet makes researching for a WIP so easy. On the other hand, it's also really easy to get cyber lost for an hour or so.

@veschwab: I had a moment today, in the midst of fear & frustration & uncertainty, when I stopped, looked around & remembered this is all an adventure.

@SuzBrockmann: Put the iPhone down, writer! Just put it down and back away! Butt in the chair! Fingers on a real keyboard! Now! Do it now!

@Sean_M_Maher: Admiring the sunrise this morning my daughter gasps with delight, "How did you know those were the colors I wanted ?!?!"

@DeathStarPR: "I love you." "I know." "... You know what? Forget I said anything. Have fun being a wall ornament in Jabba's Palace, a-hole."

@DepressedDarth: The new iPhone is no longer being sold in China due to riots. Everyone knows it's the Droids they are really looking for.

@AuthorMJFifield: Sweetie, we're crooks. If everything were right, we'd be in jail. #firefly

@broslife: "You're not my type" is code for "Come back to me after I've had my third Cosmo."

@catvalente: Autocorrect is the natural predator of Tweets.

@badbanana: Einstein took naps during the day. So if you want to be smarter, my advice is to take more naps while having an IQ of 160.

@WhatTheFFacts: The fruit was called orange before the color. The color used to be called geoluhread, which just meant yellow-red.

@TheRomiDames: I know I live in the future because I just had to plug in my book.

@Amelia_blogger: "I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear." - MLK

@RebeccaLucente: "Don't cha wish your girlfriend was emotionally unavailable and lived thousands of miles away like me?" - Twitter flirting

@KellyMeding: To the people freaking out because Wikipedia is dark, here's a novel idea: crack open an encyclopedia or something.

@AuthorMJFifield: Some people just need a high five. In the face. With a chair. #truestory

@strandedhero: You can write a novel without really thinking, but when it comes time to edit you don't have a choice anymore. #amediting

@@JimGaffigan: When is it going to be my turn to be George Clooney’s girlfriend?

@SuzBrockmann: I think of taxes as an investment in my country. I kinda like America, and think investing in it is a good thing.

@AbielleRose: I'll give anyone 1,000,000,000,000.00 if they come finish this desk for me. I'm sick of screwing stuff!

@AbielleRose: F***. I'm drunk. And I have a hammer.

@alan_tudyk: love is the potato, that runs the potato battery, that runs me.

@karenstivali: Just read the word "villain" as "vitamin". I must be evil.

@SandyBoynton: An unexpected umlaut can add ironic flair to a humdrum word. For example: hümdrüm.

@alan_tudyk: I work to bring home the bacon; I have a friend who's a ham; an enemy who's a swine; I have a woman I pork..sorry... I'm being a pig.

Aaaaand scene. Have a great weekend, everyone!

*Note: As with all TotW, it’s really the past couple. Also, all tweets are kinda' as they appear in my feed to include RT credits (when able), trends, misspells, poor punctuation, lies, these are not the droids you're looking for, but I was going to go to Toshie Station to pick up some power converters, hokey religeons and ancient weapons are no substitute for a good blaster at your side, and that's no moon,

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  1. My significant other would have loved the Mandelbrau one. I'm partial to "F***. I'm drunk, And I have a hammer."

    Thanks for the shout outs...