Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Birthday, CobraMrsFit

Today is CobraMrsFit's birthday. Sure it's also Halloween, but more importantly, it's the celebration of my bride entering the world.

But rather than simply gush about my better-half, I'd like to share some proof of why I consider myself a truly lucky guy.

For starters, she's funny:

The Bride is pleased with her hair.
OMG! Contagion!
With her adoring fans. And a treefrog.

Holding Nature in the palm of her hand

She's classy:

Stylish duo
 She's bright and sunny:  

Sunny lady

She puts up with my hobbies: 

Honey lady

Heck, she puts up with me:

Tolerant lady
  But most important, she agreed to legally bind herself to me*:  

Officially CobraMrsFit.
After 13 years, 7 of those as a couple and one as husband and wife, she still manages to make every day fresh and fun.

So happy birthday, babe. Thanks for keeping me on my toes for well over a decade and here's hoping for many more.

Best pic of us

*I don't know why either, but there's no backing out now!