Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Maintaining a Perspective

It's Thanksgiving, that special time of year when we gorge ourselves on turkey and/or pie* and then slip into the inevitable tryptophan-induced coma. It's also the time when we reflect on the things that we're grateful for. It's especially important because when times are tough, a little perspective about the good things in our lives can help balance out the negativity that seems to come at us from all sides. That said, here goes:

Stuff I Appreciate:

1) Family - Yes, it's a cliché, but it is also true. The fam is tight. Dad is my hero, Mom is a mamma bear, and Sis is my BFF. They always have my back and I have theirs.

2) Wife - CobraMrsFit is, without a doubt, the coolest woman I've ever met. She's fun, pretty, smart, and capable with a handgun. She puts up with my harebrained schemes, laughs at my bad jokes, and has more compassion for her fellow Man in one pinkie than most people have in their entire bodies. Why she picked me is anyone's guess, but I am eternally thankful for it.

3) Friends - I'm not talking second-tier friends that fade with time or distance, I'm talking people that know you, get you, and still like you. Most of mine are scattered to the four corners of the globe, but they are somehow always there when needed. 

4) Career - Say what you will about being a Cubicle Commando, the Day Job keeps the lights on and the fridge filled. Not to mention, it allows CobraMrsFit and I the opportunity to enjoy our hobbies.

5) Hobbies - Between writing, beekeeping, classic cars, golf, the gym, learning piano, singing with the Alexandria Harmonizers** and playing video games, there are plenty of amazing things to keep a man occupied. If I ever gripe about being bored, someone smack me.

6) This Nation - Again, a cliché, but true none-the-less. Despite the turmoil being broadcast across the airwaves, my loved ones and I live in a country where we are given the chance to do anything our hearts desire. There will always be struggles, but the magical things about this nation is that we have a voice. On a regular basis, we can vote leaders into or out of office. We have a say in how things are run, are allowed to voice our displeasure, and have the right to wake up each morning under a blanket of freedom that is hard to fully comprehend or appreciate. But anytime we begin to question just how amazing this country is, we need only spend a little time away from it. We may not be perfect, but we are a land of dreams, hard work, strength, and opportunity. 

6) Our Military - Not one thing above would be capable without our men and women on the front lines. They volunteer to spend holidays like this away from their loved ones so we don't have to. They are the modern-day knights, willing to stand between us and the darkness and they deserve more thanks than they will ever receive.

Anyway, that's my list. How about you all? What are you thankful for?

*mostly pie

**shameless plug

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  1. A very nice list indeed. And I did not know you sang harmonies with a bunch of other guys, but I am not surprised. It was the last tick to check - you are truly a renaissance man.