Saturday, May 28, 2011

Made of Awesome Contest Entry - Technical Difficulties

Thanks to everyone who has commented on my entry for Shelley Watters Made of Awesome contest so far. I wanted to let you all know that for some reason, the hotel wireless is causing my Google account to have issues. Basically, I can read your entries, but when I try to post (both on Blogger and WordPress), it creates a loop demanding I sign in again and again. Long story short, I'm read-only at the moment.  I'm trying to resolve it, but I apologize in advance if I cannot fix the issue before the end of the critique period.


  1. No worries. We all have problems sometimes. :-)

  2. I've been having the same problems lately too! Hope you get it resovled.

  3. If you UNCLICK the "Stay signed in" box when you log into Google, that seems to be the solve! Also, try clearing out your cookies.
    Silly Google, why must you be so difficult sometimes? :)

  4. No worries. My blogger account was locked and logged onto the house's second account for the past week. Not only am I reading late, but I have a draft up for the contest. >.<

    Good luck resolving your issues!

  5. Test test test.

    Seems all systems are go.

    Thanks for the help!