Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Without a doubt, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It's all about the Four F's: Food, Family, Friends, and Football. There's no pressure to shop for gifts, just a day to enjoy some chow with your loved ones and then the massive food-coma that sets in afterwards. 

It's also a time to be thankful for the things we have. And as clich√©d as it is, here is my list of…

Stuff CM is Thankful For:

1) CobraMrsFit: The woman is infinitely patient and tolerant. She listens when I get all excited about a shiny new plot idea (no matter how outlandish or stupid it is), actually enjoys beekeeping, and insists on me having "guy time" with my buds. She’s also the most compassionate person I know. I got real lucky with this one.  

2) My Folks: I grew up in a home filled with love and laughter where Dad taught me how to be a man and Mom taught me how to be a gentle man.

3) My In-Laws: Listening to the horror stories from my co-workers, I am very thankful to have extended family that feels like family

4) This Nation: Listen, no matter what your political views are, it's hard to argue against the fact that we live in an amazing country. I've seen a lot of the world and trust me, we have it good. That's not to say other countries aren't fantastic, but this is our home. One of the most inspiring things is that if we don't like the way it is being run, then we actually have the right to vote the ruling party in or out of office. Our voice may seem small at times, but it does matter. Few places on this planet can say the same. Granted, we are not without our faults, but everyone has their issues. Yet no matter what, we are a nation of hopeful romantics, inspiring heroes, soulful artists, passionate dreamers, and determined entrepreneurs. Any one of us can be as much or as little as we want. How great is that, eh?

5) My Mentors, Betas, and Fellow Cantineros: This one is dedicated to my writing posse. Several years ago, I had no clue what I was doing. Then I met a some amazing people, especially those at Absolute Write, who helped point me in the right direction*. To Suz, thank you for being a friend and for providing the kick-in-the-pants that made me think I could actually write something. To Hillz and 'Bugz, you guys are amazing. Individually, you've helped me hone my skill in more ways than you'll ever know. To the Crew at the Cantina, you all provide a safe and encouraging place to linger between plot points. The encouragement you provide one another is an example of what all writing communities should be like. Stay shiny, gang.

6) My Dragon Brother: If you love comics, music, theater, and The Classics, this is the guy. Thanks for decades of laughter with, and at, one another, bud.

7) Pie and Wine: Because both are awesome and in ample supply this time of year.

So that’s my list. How about you? Anything in particular you’re thankful for?    

*Or "write" direction, if you will! Ba-dum-dum!

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